Tandem flight Paragliding at Mt. Olympus


Enjoy a magical free flight from the mountains of Olympus with tandem paragliding.
It is an unforgettable experience to fly with spectacular views towards the highest peaks and the beach.
You are in safe hands!
Our qualified paragliding tandem pilots are highly experienced and long-time instructors in paragliding.
All of the paragliding equipment is new, certified and with the latest high technology materials.
All activities are carried out with maximum safety, the latest equipment and professional organization by the registered paragliding school with experience of the sport since 1995.


Taster day in Paragliding at Mt. Olympus


Free flight paragliding – parapente, tandem flight, flying as a passenger with an experienced licensed instructor pilot. Introduction to paragliding, the equipment and beginner knowledge with field ground handling training.
All activities are carried out with maximum safety, the latest equipment and professional organization by the registered paragliding school with experience of the sport since 1995.

Hiking tours Pieria & Olympus mountains

Enjoy a day with the natural treasures of Mt Olympus Greece, the home of the Gods. Protected by the Mt. Olympus National Park (since 1938) and declared a biosphere reserve.
These are some of the most interesting routes in Olympus and Pieria region suitable also to less experienced walkers.
Paths that take you through divers landscapes, gorges, bridges, forests in all their beauty and traditional mountain villages.

The Valley of Tembi and the historical village, Ambelakia

From the historical village of Ambelakia, you’ll walk to the impressing vantage point at Profitis Ilias, with a unique view of Tembi Valley and the delta of the Pinios River. The tour passes from the historic guard post at Kastro Orias and leads you back to Ambelakia. Here you’ll have the opportunity to visit the local museum and learn about the interesting history and mansions of the old cotton-mill village.
Walking Time: 5 hrs

The Enipeas Gorge

bridge-enipeas-gorge-owThe drive towards Litohoro offers commanding views of the highest peaks of the Olympus Mountains and the steep cliffs of the famous Enipeas Gorge. Here, in the mountaineering village, at the foot of Olympus, you’ll take a remarkable hike through the gorge. On small wooden bridges, you’ll cross the Enipeas River and rest at vista points overlooking the Aegean Sea. You’ll also pass picturesque waterfalls, where the brave can take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear pools. Before reaching Prionia you’ll pass the old mountain monastery of Agios Dionysios. At the end of your hike, a taxi will be waiting to take you back up to the top of the gorge where you can pick up your car again.
Walking Time: 6 hrs


The old mountain villages

traditional-house-in-mountain-village-owThis marvelous hike links the two ancient mountain villages, Paleos Porus and Paleos Panteleimonas. The route takes you across the impressive forest with old chestnut, pine, oak and plane trees and along with other mountain flora. And throughout the entire trail, you can enjoy your view of the Aegean Sea, the old castle of Platamonas and the Olympus Mountain range.
Walking Time: 5 hrs

The Peak of Golna

The Peak of Golna is located just before the impressive main peaks of Mount Olympus. You’ll start your walk at the market square of Litohoro. You’ll go through the quaint village roads of to a path which leads you directly to the Peak of Golna. At the top, enjoy the beautiful view into the famous Enipeas Gorge and the Aegean Sea. This hike is unique for its combination of the high mountain range with spectacular sea views. Your way back to Litohoro takes you through shady forests.
Walking time: 5 hrs


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